[plt-scheme] Executing modules current dir

From: Jakub Piotr Cłapa (jpc-ml at zenburn.net)
Date: Wed Sep 30 09:13:32 EDT 2009

On 09-09-30 14:39, Stephen De Gabrielle wrote:
> Hi, I want to include a binary in a module, that I call with (system
> command), except I don't know to reference it, as current-directory is
> the users home dir&  none of the others that I found seem to do the
> job. The idea is to package win, osx and Linux binaries in the module.

Perhaps define-runtime-path would help?

This expects the binaries in the same directory as the module. It also 
works with Create Executable:
(define-runtime-path *sepack-path* (case (system-type)
                                      [(macosx) "./sepack"]
                                      [(windows) "sepack.exe"]))

Jakub Piotr Cłapa

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