[plt-scheme] editor: managing comments

From: Eric Tanter (etanter at dcc.uchile.cl)
Date: Fri Sep 18 16:28:08 EDT 2009


I have a couple of suggestions for enhancing the managing of comments  
in the DrScheme editor.
I maybe missing the way to do this already, in that case please tell me!

a) keyboard shortcut for
. comment with box
. comment with semi-column
. uncomment
(i've seen there is a way to add user-defined keybindings, but I'm not  
quite sure how to get the above---and arguably this deserves a proper  
treatment by default, since commenting in/out code is a fairly common  
activity and IDEs usually have these shortcuts)

b) when right-clicking on the ";" of a comment box, the only option is  
to convert to semi-colons comment. Would be nice to have an  
alternative to simply uncomment the box.

some very mundane requests, I admit!


-- Éric

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