[plt-scheme] Using the PLT web server in production

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Sep 14 14:54:24 EDT 2009

Hi David,

> 1) Who has experience using the PLT web server in production?  Any stories
> to share?  e.g., performance characteristics, security setup, integration
> with other software (e.g. Squid, Varnish), etc

As others have mentioned Untyped (untyped.com) rely on the web server
to host our clients' sites. We had an experience report at ICFP 2007
describing an early version of our framework and our experiences w/
the web server at that time. The current system is robust. We supply
one client with software for "clearing" a process in the UK that
matches university students w/ courses that still have spaces. This is
a very busy time. In the past we've had reliability issues (one in
mentioned in the ICFP paper). This year we had no problems at all.

> 2) Can you recommend a particular (preferably inexpensive) hosting service?

We used a Bytemark VM, and now have a Bytemark colo. They're good.

> 5)  Can anyone recommend a good document / blog post / etc that talks about
> how to setup the web server in a shared hosting environment?  The
> web-server-internal docs have a brief section on how to put Apache in front
> of PLT ( http://tinyurl.com/llbk3b ) which is useful, but it assumes that
> you have full control of the environment and can add RewriteRules to the
> apache config--this isn't true on a shared platform.

In the shared hosting envs I know of just running the web server would
be a huge issue, before you even get to Apache config. I think we have
a blog post about running the web server behind Apache, but we control
the box.


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