[plt-scheme] [ANN]: bzlib/dbi - an extensible database interface for PLT

From: YC (yinso.chen at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Sep 13 03:02:54 EDT 2009

Hi all -

bzlib/dbi has just been made available via planet - inspired by Perl DBI, it
is an extensible database interface, currently with the following drivers

   - bzlib/dbd-spgsql - wraps around schematics/spgsql
   - bzlib/dbd-jsqlite - wraps around jaymccarthy/sqlite
   - bzlib/dbd-jazmysql - wraps around jaz/mysql
   - bzlib/dbi/app - a kill-safe wrapper over raw database handles
   - bzlib/dbi/pool - a database connection pool wrapper

So if you need to switch within the three databases you now can do so more
easily, and you get database connection pools and kill-safe wrappers for

You can find more details at
which explains more in details about the interface.

(require (planet bzlib/dbi)) ;; includes both app & pool
(require (planet bzlib/dbd-spgsql))
(require (planet bzlib/dbd-jsqlite))
(require (planet bzlib/dbd-jazmysql))

This is an my cut to help find the "unified" database interface for PLT -
would love to get input from anyone (especially Ryan, Jay, Jon, Noel, Jens,
Hans, and others who have made available the current PLT database packages)
who are interested in having something similar (but better) to Perl's DBI
for PLT.

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