[plt-scheme] mzc --exe failing on planet modules

From: Synx (plt at synx.us.to)
Date: Fri Sep 11 19:32:42 EDT 2009

I have a little planet module I use for convenient greppable logging,
and it works perfectly, except when I try to compile an --exe. When just
running mzscheme -n -t file.ss it works perfectly, but when doing mzc
--exe out file.ss; ./out; it fails with the following error:

cdddr: expects argument of type <cdddrable value>; given ("synx" "log.ss")

=== context ===

I want to emphasize that I never get that error except when trying to
use a (successfully) compiled executable, and I always get that error
when trying to use a compiled executable.

(require (planet synx/log)) seems to cause the error, but only for exes.

It might be because I fileinject the synx/log module, and there's a bug
in fileinject that makes it not work only for executables?

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