[plt-scheme] Re: why --enable-macprefix?

From: Peter Michaux (petermichaux at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Sep 9 17:28:41 EDT 2009

On Sep 9, 1:44 pm, Matthew Flatt <mfl... at cs.utah.edu> wrote:
> At Wed, 9 Sep 2009 12:49:32 -0700 (PDT), Peter Michaux wrote:
> > What is the purpose of not allowing by default the --prefix option
> > when running ./configure? I see that --enable-macprefix will allow --
> > prefix to be used. Is there some problem that will arise on a Mac if --
> > prefix is used?
> I've added the following note to the Mac OS X section of src/README:
>  * To use --prefix without --enable-xonx, you must also supply
>    --enable-macprefix. BEWARE! The directory structure for a non-xonx
>    build does not fit a typical Unix directory structure. For example,
>    frameworks are written directly to a "lib" subdirectory, and
>    executables like "MrEd.app" are written directory to the prefix

s/directory/directly/ ?

>    directory. (Requiring --enable-macprefix with --prefix for a
>    non-xonx build helps prevent accidental installation of a Mac-style
>    directory structure on top of an existing Unix-style directory
>    structure.)

Thank you for the information.

I've been experimenting with different configure options when building
the MzScheme source code distribution for OS X. To get a normal UNIX-
style build on OS X it seems sufficient to do

./configure --enable-xonx --prefix=/usr/local

Also it seems that the --enable-xonx option does not have much effect
on the MzScheme build. Is it true that there is not really any Quartz
or X11 components in the MzScheme source code?


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