[plt-scheme] Re: Lexical Scoping, References and Side Effects

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Sep 2 18:36:05 EDT 2009

On Sep  2, tbourdon wrote:
> This is actually pretty close to what I came up with my
> implementation where I used (define-struct list-pointer
> (value)). And thanks for the tip about the ! for procedure names
> that will mutate their arguments.  I'm guessing that one of the
> object systems would support this type of behavior as well. Would
> this be a correct assumption and if so would you have any
> recommendations on which one to use? Like I said, I'm just getting
> into Scheme and I'm pretty green.

See also `box' and `unbox' -- boxes are generic mutable containers
that can be used roughly like pointers.  (This is still not great, and
misses the point of Matthias's original comment, but much better than
a macro that `set!' a variable.)

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