[plt-scheme] Test the Program

From: Asher, Gregg (gregg.asher at mnsu.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 2 16:06:23 EDT 2009

I apologize if this question has been asked before. I checked the archives and couldn't find my problem listed.

When I define a program in the definitions window and then enter the program name in the interactive window substituting a value for the parameter and then "Run" (my version of Dr. Scheme doesn't have an "Execute" button) the program I don't the results of the program but a message "This program should be tested.

For example when I run this program (area-of-disk 3), I get the message "This program should be tested.

When I run the same program (area-of-disk 3) in the definitions window

I get the correct answer "28.26" in the interactive window.

Any help would be appreciated.

Dr. Scheme is running off of a flash drive if that makes any difference. I have 60 programming students and want them to run Dr. Scheme from the flash drive so that they can run the program from any computer.

Gregg W. Asher, Ph.D.
Associate professor
Information Systems & Technology
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Mankato, MN. 56001

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