[plt-scheme] Help recovering corrupted DrScheme editor file

From: Eddie Sullivan (eddieSull at hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Jun 30 13:32:41 EDT 2009

I'm not sure how it happened, but I have a file I can no longer open in 
DrScheme (version 4.2 [3m], Windows XP). I see the following error trace in 
a popup window when I try to open it:

insert-file in text%: error loading the file

 === context ===
C:\Program Files\PLT\collects\mred\private\wxme\text.ss:2538:2: 
do-insert-file method in text%
C:\Program Files\PLT\collects\mred\private\editor.ss:177:35
C:\Program Files\PLT\collects\mred\private\editor.ss:171:29
C:\Program Files\PLT\collects\drscheme\private\unit.ss:2107:8: 
change-to-file method in ...heme/private/unit.ss:1382:6
C:\Program Files\PLT\collects\drscheme\private\unit.ss:4490:8
C:\Program Files\PLT\collects\scheme\private\contract-arrow.ss:1364:3
C:\Program Files\PLT\collects\scheme\private\contract-arrow.ss:1364:3
C:\Program Files\PLT\collects\framework\private\handler.ss:202:0: 
C:\Program Files\PLT\collects\mred\private\mrmenu.ss:244:17: command method 
in basic-selectable-menu-item%
C:\Program Files\PLT\collects\scheme\private\more-scheme.ss:155:2: 
C:\Program Files\PLT\collects\scheme\private\more-scheme.ss:271:2: 

I've attached the file. Can anybody help me recover it? And do you have any 
ideas what may have caused the corruption, so I can avoid it in the future?
-Eddie Sullivan
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