[plt-scheme] DrScheme and arc

From: Stephen De Gabrielle (stephen.degabrielle at acm.org)
Date: Thu Jun 25 17:05:17 EDT 2009


The PLT scheme board is probably not the best place as their are few
if any arc users on it . (I have never used arc)

I'm guessing you tried the arc forum.

This is the best I can do - an annotation of the install instructions.
(I have never used arc)

1. Install version 372 of MzScheme. (Don't use the latest version.
Versions after 372 made lists immutable.)

I'm assuming you typing 352 was a typo and you have installed DrScheme
v372. (352 might work - but not following the instructions exactly is
asking for trouble - and making it less likely anyone can help)

mzscheme is in the bin/ folder in your drscheme install

2. Get http://ycombinator.com/arc/arc3.tar and untar it.

try tar xvf arc3.tar

If you are running windows you will probably have to find an (un)tar
utility.  check tucows or something for a file archive tool that
supports tar format archives.

3. Type mzscheme -m -f as.scm and you should get an Arc prompt.

you might need to type the full path to mzscheme

c:\Program Files\DrScheme\bin\mzscheme -m  -f as.scm
(I don't have a windows machine at the moment and I can't remember if
this is right)

If you get this far you have won. Try the ARC forum for q's on arc itself.

4. If you ^C an Arc program, you'll get the Scheme REPL. Use (tl) to
get back to the Arc REPL.

^c means press and hold the [ctrl] key then press and release the c
key then release the  [ctrl] key

5. If you have questions or suggestions, post them on the forum.

I agree - the arc forum is the best thing.  It is reputably a friendly

If this doesn't work but you are still interested in the cool ideas in
arc, but need a language that will install on you computer, I would
suggest that  they are also available in smalltalk (try squeak) or a
lisp - I prefer plt-scheme :)



On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 11:28 PM, Hugh Myers<hsmyers at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've 352 running on another box and wanted to try arc in the Dr's
> environment. Sadly none of the instructions worked. Anyone know well
> enough to write a how-to without assumptions for idiots like me?
> --hsm
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