[plt-scheme] Defining a transformation time path, or setting module-language to something useful

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Jun 24 14:24:46 EDT 2009

On Jun 24, Noel Welsh wrote:
> Abstractly, I want to recognise when a module is written in a
> particular language, so that modules written in that same language
> can handle requires specially. [...]

Ah, in that case I have a much easier answer -- the only conventional
language property that I made the code do (so far, at least) is
`language-module' -- and that returns the language-position
specification.  For example:

  ((read-language (open-input-string "#lang scheme")) 'module-language)

But I see now that it doesn't work with "#lang at-exp scheme/base",
and it should.  I'll try to look into it soon.

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