[plt-scheme] Teaching in Istanbul

From: Chris Stephenson (cs at cs.bilgi.edu.tr)
Date: Sun Jun 21 13:24:12 EDT 2009

Is there anyone out there (with a PhD) who would like to come and teach
in Istanbul Bilgi University where we use HtDP and other books from the
PLT ecole.

There is the challenge of teaching students from a wide spectrum of
ability and motivation. Our best students are a pleasure to teach. You
can make a real contribution here. We have outreach projects as well.

The University offers incentives for research and publication. and a
reasonable deal. The department is informal and collective in its
approach. We like to teach in teams.

All teaching in our university is in English (except, naturally enough,
for the Turkish langauge courses)

Istanbul is a fantastic, vibrant place to live.

If you would like to give it a try, send me your CV and your ideas.

You can check us out on

courses.cs.bilgi.edu.tr  (online course material)
kleene.cs.bilgi.edu.tr (our outreach high school project)

Chris Stephenson

İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi
Bilgisayar Bilimleri Bölüm Başkanı

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