[plt-scheme] poll: keyword syntax

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Wed Jun 17 07:20:15 EDT 2009

Of the 46 responses so far, there's a fairly even split among preferred
syntax. Given the current choice of "#:" in PLT Scheme, about 40% think
we should keep the same syntax, 40% don't care whether it stays the
same or changes, and 20% think the syntax should change.

(I think a lot more than 46 people read this list, so the main
conclusion I draw is that most people are happy to go along with
anything in PLT Scheme. Maybe they either don't feel informed on the
issue, or maybe they really don't care.)

Here are the results in more detail:


The big numbers in the top row show the total number of people who said
that the corresponding syntax was their first preference. There were no
votes without a first preference.

The numbers in the left column show total opinions about changing the

The remaining big numbers correlate a favorite syntax and an opinion
about changing; for example, 6 people prefer a ":" prefix but think we
should keep the current syntax anyway. Reassuringly, 0 people who
prefer "#:" think we should change to something else.

The small numbers show second and third preferences. The two
medium-sized numbers represent the two other alternatives in the order
of their corresponding columns. The smaller number represents a third
preference for the remaining choice. When two medium-sized numbers
don't add up to the associated big number, that means that some votes
didn't have a second preference. Similarly, when a small number doesn't
match it's associated medium-sized number, that indicates a lack of
some third preferences. For example, the first entry in the ":" prefix
column is

                        15  11
                        1   1

which means that 17 people most prefer a ":" prefix; of those, 15 think
that "#:" prefix is second best, 1 thinks that a suffix ":" is second
best, and 1 has no second-favorite (or third-favorite) syntax. Among
the 15 who think a ":" prefix is best while a "#:" prefix is
second-best, 11 think that a suffix ":" is third-best, while the
remaining 4 have no third preference.

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