[plt-scheme] Tip: installing PLAI Scheme in DrScheme 4.2

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sun Jun 14 23:18:42 EDT 2009

Shriram Krishnamurthi wrote at 06/14/2009 10:54 PM:
> Or perhaps the system should behave better?  I think you have it 
> backward.  128 Mb seems like perfectly enough memory to *install a 
> package* (and build its docs).  (I am actually surprised that this has 
> *memory* problems, as opposed to being entirely i/o bound.)

It might just be that documentation-building could stand some more 


Or perhaps some PLaneT code is doing something like sucking a file into 
memory.  (Last year, I reimplemented some of the HTTP functionality to, 
among other things, get rid of at least one place where big-file-sucking 
happens, but I don't think that particular functionality is involved in 
PLaneT installs.)


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