[plt-scheme] Scroll speed in DrScheme 4.2

From: LordGeoffrey (lordgeoffrey at optushome.com.au)
Date: Fri Jun 12 22:30:34 EDT 2009

same for me.
Daniel King wrote:
> Hi all,
> I updated to DrScheme 4.2 and noticed that the scroll speed in the
> definitions and interactions window and the program contour has been
> significantly reduced.  One half rotation of my scroll wheel equates
> to about 7 lines of movement.  Other scroll-able areas may also be
> affected by this, but those are the three which I have experienced the
> problem.  Curiously, I noticed that the "Open File" dialog does not
> exhibit this slow scrolling behavior.
> My System:
> 32-bit Ubuntu Juanty
> DrScheme "version 4.2 [3m]"
> I have the Emacs style key bindings enabled, but I experienced the
> same behavior with the menu key bindings enabled.
> Thanks!

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