[plt-scheme] drscheme feature idea: automatically add missing exports for scheme modules

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Jul 27 11:51:12 EDT 2009

On Jul 27, Neil Van Dyke wrote:
> Thanks.  That is potentially useful.
> Actually, I should've added that I wanted the export list explicit
> so that I could sanity-check it and also use it when translating to
> other Scheme dialects.  That also lets me intermix with renaming
> some of them, or I'd need an
> "all-except-%-or-otherwise-provided-out".

1. The `filtered-out' macro is intended for cases where you want some
   easy way of controlling exports.

2. Jens's code is more explicit, and you could use it to do stuff like
   a form that has an explicit provide part and dont-provide part,
   then throw an error if there's any non-%-prefixed identifier that
   is in neither list.  IIUC, this would give you the explicit control
   you need.

3. Another cute thing that you can try is some DrScheme tool where you
   right click on a `provide' and make it expand in-place to an
   explicit form that can now be edited.

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