[plt-scheme] errortrace?

From: troels knak-nielsen (troelskn at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Jul 25 19:00:42 EDT 2009


I have the following program:

$ cat tracecar.ss
#lang scheme
(require errortrace)

(car '())

When I run it, it generates an error (obviously):

$ mzscheme tracecar.ss
car: expects argument of type <pair>; given ()

But there is no mention of the file/linenumber that generates the
error. Shouldn't errortrace enable this or is there another way to get
error traces?

I'm using:

$ mzscheme --version
Welcome to MzScheme v4.1.3 [3m], Copyright (c) 2004-2008 PLT Scheme Inc.


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