[plt-scheme] How do I disable automatic insertion of closing parenthesis?

From: Elena Garrulo (egarrulo at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jul 2 12:14:59 EDT 2009

2009/7/2 Robby Findler <robby at eecs.northwestern.edu>

> I think the best fix is probably to get your remapped keyboard working
> properly, at a lower level. I'm sorry I've not had time to try to
> figure out a next step.
> Robby

According to my remapping AltGr-E gives (.

Therefore to press Control-(, I press Control-AltGr-E. When I do it, Emacs
sees C-M-e. Does that helps?

Anyway, don't bother too much, I think I'll give up my remapping since
learning Scheme outside DrScheme seems way difficult.

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