[plt-scheme] ajax and plt

From: Dave Gurnell (d.j.gurnell at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jul 2 04:19:47 EDT 2009

Hi YC,

There are two current, well documented ways of generating Javascript  
source using Scheme code:


To my knowledge, neither of these libraries compile actual Scheme into  
Javascript, but they both have a parenthetic syntax for writing  
Javascript code. So, for example, in Mirrors you can do stuff like this:

     (js (alert ,(string-append "Hello " "world"))

I use Mirrors with jQuery quite a lot;

     (js (!dot ($ "#mybutton")
               (click (function () (alert "Hi")))))

As a user of PLT in a commercial environment, I'd be more than happy  
to talk ideas/code/etc.

Last note... AJAX and web frameworks... we *do* have a working  
framework, but it's basically undocumented. I'd welcome feedback/ 
comment/collaboration if you want to take a look (let me know if you  
have versioning problems when you compile it):

     $ svn co http://svn.untyped.com/smoke/trunk/src <somewhere>
     $ cd <somewhere>
     $ mzc run-tests.ss && mzscheme run-tests.ss
     Open http://localhost:8765 in your browser.


-- Dave

> I am wondering if anyone is working on the AJAX + PLT scheme problem  
> space, including some or all but not limited to the following:
> server-side vs client-side continuation
> generating javascript from PLT scheme source
> graceful degradation of interactivity within web browsers
> integration with popular javascript frameworks such as jQuery,  
> prototype, etc
> already have a framework to be released...
> Please let me know if you are tackling these problems and would like  
> to brainstorm, trade notes, etc.
> Thanks,
> yc

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