[plt-scheme] A GUI/font puzzle

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Jan 25 17:11:06 EST 2009

On Jan 25, Jakub Piotr C?apa wrote:
> Wow. Thanks for a fast fix. AFAICT it hasn't yet reached the nightly
> builds so I guess I'll have to try tomorrow [1].

Yes, the nightly builds happen every night, and they're available
around 5-6am (eastern time).  On occasion, if there's some important
fix, or if someome has a stressing need for an earlier build, I'll
start one manually.  (A build is pretty heavy on computing resources,
since it's done on 9 different machines.)

> [1]: I haven't yet tried to build PLT Scheme myself but it seems
> there is no way to cross-compile from Linux (using crossmingw32), am
> I right?

No.  Just the C parts of the build will probably take a lot of work to
get working, and I'm not sure about mingw (or the cross version), but
at least with cygwin there are some issues which mean that it's better
to use the MS compiler.

> PS. Another interesting question is whether it is possible (given
> the all the needed files from both installations) to cross compile
> the distribution packages (like in Scheme->Create executable...)
> If not: is it a good idea for me to dig into the compiler module to
> try to do it myself or would it be too big a change?

This will probably be difficult to get too: you'll need to make it
aware of files on other platform.  The minimal requirement for this
would be to somehow make it possible to change what (system-type)
returns in some cases (to bundle the right files) but not in others
(so the environment actually works fine).  So I guess that any attempt
at doing this will involve some new (current-crossover-system-type)
parameter, which will default to the actual type, but can change for
doing such packaging.

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