[plt-scheme] stddef.h problem - building from SVN on Ubuntu 8.10 AMD64

From: Geoffrey S. Knauth (geoff at knauth.org)
Date: Fri Jan 23 17:59:32 EST 2009

On Jan 23, 2009, at 16:49, Eli Barzilay wrote:
>> [1] http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-bugs/2008-11/msg00107.html
> That's a report from Mike Vanier who is using PLT, so it might be that
> he ran into the problem with the PLT build too.

Yes, I just noticed that too.  Small world!

> Reading that, it looks like you can work around it by making `gcc' a
> script that will do
>  cpp input-file > temp-file
>  gcc temp-file
>  rm temp-file

Reading the further dialog in the bug report, I saw on 2008-11-15  
Michael Vanier suggested removing . (dot) from PATH.  I tried that and  
it worked.

So, problem solved.  Thanks Mike, Eli, Todd!


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