[plt-scheme] Keybinding question

From: Dave Gurnell (d.j.gurnell at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 19 09:13:59 EST 2009

Grant wrote:
> [Try] this code:
> (module dave-keys (lib "keybinding-lang.ss" "framework")
>  (define (test editor event)
>    (send (send editor get-keymap) call-function "collapse-space"
> editor event #t))
>  (keybinding ":f2" test))

Robby wrote:
> Yes, unfotunately, DrScheme doesn't do a good job of removing and re- 
> adding keybindings when you change the file. Best to just restart  
> Drscheme. I've added a note about this to the docs.

Sorry for the late response, guys. Thanks very much for your help.  
Grant's code works a treat.

FYI - I originally wanted to bind Alt-Space to collapse-space.  
Ironically, I noticed after I made my post about this that Alt Space  
is already the default binding for the command. The keystroke works  
under Linux but in OS X it inserts a space instead.

Anyway, I'm okay now because I've adapted Grant's code to give me Ctrl  
Space instead. Perhaps it's an oddity of OS X? Just thought I'd let  
you know.


-- Dave

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