[plt-scheme] Volunteers: help with Moby!

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at cs.wpi.edu)
Date: Thu Jan 15 13:07:07 EST 2009

As Shriram mentioned, we are working on a compiler from World programs
written in Beginner Scheme to mobile platforms.  Our working prototype
enables the programs in HtDW (world.cs.brown.edu) to run on J2ME and,
using bridge classes, Android.

The sources are here:


The README describes the project and how to run Moby's regression
and unit test suites.  What we'd love volunteer help with:


A quick-and-easy task is to implement some of the remaining primitives
listed in the TODO.  The TODO also lists other, more sophisticated
tasks.  (But whichever you choose, do coordinate with Shriram and me,
so we avoid duplicating effort.)

Thanks for your help!  We are excited about making Scheme one of the
first reactive scripting languages for mobile phones.

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