[plt-scheme] Scheme projects in my undergrad CS course

From: Anton van Straaten (anton at appsolutions.com)
Date: Tue Jan 13 20:27:44 EST 2009

Neil Van Dyke wrote:
> Oh yeah, after all his methods work, Yourdon wrote "Decline and Fall of 
> the American Programmer," warning against the evil army of genius Indian 
> PhDs who would take all the American programming jobs at fry cook rates. 
> :)  Then we did have a period of outsourcing panic, due, I think, not to 
> Yourdon's book but to the reality that overseas outsourcing was 
> happening.  I believe Yourdon backtracked eventually, but I'd moved on 
> to research by then, so I don't recall ever reading past the "Decline 
> and Fall" cliffhanger.

Yes, just three years later he wrote "Rise & Resurrection of the 
American Programmer".  Amazing how quickly these things can reverse 
themselves!  The official summary is a masterpiece of spin, although 
still a tad hard to swallow:

   "Ed Yourdon warned the American programmer in his award-winning, 
controversial bestseller "Decline and Fall of the American Programmer" 
that if they did not change, the industry would migrate to countries 
that were more productive. The software industry has responded to this 
challenge, and Yourdon shows how in this long-awaited international 


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