[plt-scheme] untyped/dispatch broken contract?

From: Tomasz Skutnik (tomasz.skutnik at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jan 11 15:37:18 EST 2009

> Hi there,
> The required-core-version field in Dispatch (the one that tells you
> what version of PLT you need) isn't quite correct. You actually need
> at least version for these new versions of Dispatch to run.
> This is basically my fault. I got the version wrong when I uploaded
> Dispatch 1.7. In my own defence, though, when I tried to update the
> package metadata I discovered that PLaneT only lets you specify the
> first three digits of the version number.
> Anyway. You should be able to fix things by updating to the latest SVN
> version of PLT. The only file that actually matters is:
>     <PLT-HOME>/collects/web-server/dispatchers/dispatch-servlets.ss
> You can try doing an "svn up" on just that file to test things out.
> Or, if you're not running out of SVN, you can try swapping in the
> attached copy of the file:

Hi. Thanks for answer. I recompiled  plt-scheme from svn and
everything worked ok.


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