[plt-scheme] untyped/dispatch broken contract?

From: Tomasz Skutnik (tomasz.skutnik at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jan 11 04:39:13 EST 2009


I've been playing with PLT web server lately, and I've tried to use
untyped/dispatch library. However I couldn't make it work the way I
wanted. All servlet urls handled by untyped/dispatch library are
served ok, but no static content is served from "htdocs" directory.
Instead server reports broken contract exception. See
http://paste.lisp.org/display/73415 for test case and and stack trace.

I use PLT scheme 4.1.3 (binary download) and "planet show" reports
untyped/dispatch library version 1.7.

>From studying source of web-server/servlet-env and experimenting with
#:servlet-regexp parameter I think this is a bug in untyped/dispatch.
If i drop #:servlet-regexp only hompage controller is visible (login
controller is not), but static content is accessible. Can someone hint
me if it's my error or a bug in untyped/dispatch?

Best regards.


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