[plt-scheme] Generating Java source from Scheme

From: Geoffrey S. Knauth (geoff at knauth.org)
Date: Wed Jan 7 09:50:00 EST 2009

On Jan 7, 2009, at 09:40, I wrote:
> On Jan 6, 2009, at 22:42, Shriram Krishnamurthi wrote:
>> (I'm ignoring the iPhone because I, personally, don't have one; but  
>> if someone who does have one is interested in scripting that, that  
>> would be yet another platform to throw into this mix.)
> I'd love to help with the iPhone, except I don't think it supports  
> Java at all.

Maybe I was wrong.  Looks like there is a path from [Scheme to] Java  
to Objective-C, O Boy:


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