[plt-scheme] Just an announcement

From: Eduardo Bellani (ebellani at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Dec 22 17:18:32 EST 2009

Hey everyone, sorry for not replying any message so far,
my notebook went poof this week and I used the opportunity to get some
surfing done.

OK, let me try to clarify some things:

> Eduardo after requiring the package, how do we activate the feature?

Check in the file menu, there should be a new Dr Fuzzy file finder option.

About the documentation, sorry for the lack of any. This is just the first
usable thing I've managed to put togueter, so I'm yet to learn how
to use scribble to make something nice. Anyway, I hope the README
is enough for now.

I would very much appreciate if people could send me some debug info
about uses on the mac and windows and other OSes, since I did not debug
DrFuzzy in anything but Ubuntu for now.

The TODO for the next version, more or less in order of urgency(any

* Fix searches with a dot ('.')
* Improve speed a lot. (I'll try using vectors for the list of files,
but given my
overall lack of experience with PLT scheme I would appreciate any suggestions)
* Documentation
* Key shortcut
* Put some things like maximum number of files, chars used to mark
the findings in an preferences tab.

Eduardo Bellani


I object to doing things that computers can do.
- Olin Shivers

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