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From: krhari at ccs.neu.edu (krhari at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Dec 22 14:03:43 EST 2009

Yes of course we should not offend any one... My idea was to initially post a list of links with a request for people to contact us if they have some interesting links to share and build the collection over a period of time. And also post a note saying we have missed many interesting/good videos and would be happy to include them if you contact and let us know about it...s

I would be happy to take that responsibility if anyone is ready to give:-)
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> I think, the links to these videos/video lectures related to PLT and
> Programming Languages should be collected and posted on
> http://schemers.org/ or somewhere else.

schemers.org tracks books, because there are only so many of them.
Videos, however, seem to spring up all the time.  There are simply too
many to track here, and I would hate to offend someone because their
video isn't listed.

Now, if someone else wants to take responsibility of tracking all
these videos and keeping things up-to-date...


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