[plt-scheme] Off Topic: PLT Water Bottle

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sun Dec 20 13:35:20 EST 2009

Grant Rettke wrote at 12/20/2009 01:03 PM:
> For 2010 I was thinking of switching from a glass water bottle to a metal one (smaller, no shattering, more convenient),

So long as we're off-topic... if you're going to do a metal bottle, get 
a high-quality stainless-steel one.  Even the Sigg aluminum ones until 
quite recently had BPA in the lining, and you totally don't want to go 
near a lowest-bidder aluminum bottle used for screen-printed promotional 
items (even if any lining stays intact to protect you from suspected 
increased Alzheimer's risk from the aluminum, the lining is not unlikely 
to contain BPA or other nasties).  No sense in wiping out precious Schemers.


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