[plt-scheme] Announcement and a request

From: ebellani at gmail.com (ebellani at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Dec 11 11:48:14 EST 2009

Hey there PLT folks.

I have a bit of an announcement and a request for help.
I'm almost finished with the 1.0 version of DrFuzzy[1], but I did not publish it in
the planet because I  could no make the plt package work as I wanted.

First, what is DrFuzzy? It is a port of [2] to scheme that I have been doing in the past
couple of weeks. Since I use vim for all
non-schemy stuff, I grew to really like this feature, and I wanted it for
DrScheme too. 

That was the announcement part. But what do I need help with? For those
interested, there are 2 main problems, one is a stopper problem, the other 
is "just"a critical one.

The stopper is something related to the GUI. If you look at line 71 of [3]
you'll see that I'm using display. I should be using something like
drscheme:unit:open-drscheme-window but I could not make that work in the planet
file for the life of me.

The critical one is a matter of speed, Jamis fuzzy-finder is an order of
magnitude faster than my version and mine is too slow to work
inside a project with 1k plus files in my opinion. I've tried to cached most of the calls, and I
suspect it the solution is using vectors instead of lists in the fetching of the files, but I would appreciate
a more experienced take on the subject.

Anyway, it was a fun ride and I hope someone find this project useful as I find
Jamis finder. 

[1] http://github.com/ebellani/Dr-Fuzzy
[2] http://weblog.jamisbuck.org/2008/10/10/coming-home-to-vim
[3] http://github.com/ebellani/Dr-Fuzzy/blob/master/dr-fuzzy-gui.scm

Eduardo Bellani


I object to doing things that computers can do.
- Olin Shivers

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