[plt-scheme] One eyed man leads blind

From: Prabhakar Ragde (plragde at uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Thu Dec 10 20:23:57 EST 2009

wooks wrote:

> So it looks like I'll be teaching a course in Programming Paradigms
> next term/semester. I never actually took a course in the subject
> myself and have varying degrees of familiarity with the main
> paradigms. Life is going to get very interesting.
> There are a number of recommended texts none of which I am familiar
> with, one of which is Mitchell's Concepts of Programming Languages.

It's a little hard to answer queries like this without any context.

If you are absolutely stuck with this:

> The main strands of the syllabus are Logic OO and FP, programming
> tools and environments and concurrent/distributed/parallel
> programming.

then the course is hopelessly shallow, and Mitchell's "Concepts" is 
probably a better choice than most "kitchen sink" texts.

If you're willing to subvert this syllabus as you did with the intro 
course and actually teach them something, then use PLAI, which covers 
enough of this to be in good faith.

Disclaimer: I am not only one-eyed but nearsighted. However, I taught 
out of PLAI this term, and will teach a multiparadigm PL course next 
term. For that I am using locally-written (not by me) notes and Pierce's 
"Types and Programming Languages". --PR

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