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From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Wed Dec 9 18:46:57 EST 2009

Synx wrote at 12/09/2009 05:01 PM:
> Noel Welsh wrote:
>> Why not use a planet dev link?
> Oh so *that's* what that's for. ._.

Noel might've given me the same admonition a while ago.  Something about 
the PLaneT documentation seems (seemed?) to somehow mysteriously obscure 
the fact that development links are the obvious mechanism to use.

Basically, as you're working on a new version of a package for PLaneT, 
you make a development link for what will eventually be the version 
number in the PLaneT repository.  If you're editing more then one or two 
packages and/or if you're working on multiple machines, you probably 
want to have a crude shell script or Makefile rule checked into your SCM 
system that executes a series of "planet link" commands for these new 
versions as well as a series of "planet unlink" commands for versions 
that have recently been released.  (I said "crude"; there are obvious 

Here's the pertinent chunk of my "~/scheme/Makefile" at the moment:

PlanetLink   = planet link neil $(1).plt $(2) $(3) ~/scheme/$(1)
PlanetUnlink = planet unlink neil $(1).plt $(2) $(3)

    $(call PlanetLink,srfi-9-plus,1,1)
    $(call PlanetLink,htmlprag,1,6)
    $(call PlanetLink,numformat,1,0)
    $(call PlanetLink,uri,1,1)
    $(call PlanetLink,csv,1,6)
    $(call PlanetLink,postnet,1,1)
    $(call PlanetLink,urlskip,1,1)
    $(call PlanetLink,bigtime,1,0)
    $(call PlanetLink,html-parse,1,0)
    $(call PlanetLink,html-template,1,0)
    $(call PlanetLink,html-write,1,0)
    $(call PlanetLink,scgi,1,0)
    $(call PlanetLink,shtml,1,0)
    $(call PlanetLink,xexp,1,0)
    planet show

When I release PLaneT version "(1 1)" of package "srfi-9-plus", I will 
change the corresponding "PlanetLink" to a "PlanetUnlink", and then do a 
"make planet-links".  And then, the next day or month, I will remove 
that line entirely.

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