[plt-scheme] type of language

From: emre berat nebioğlu (beratn at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Dec 9 11:14:11 EST 2009

yeah i fallow htdp,sicp and plai. But i was away from that books for
sometime. Now i want to do 'programming' on Drscheme. And i see some
issues now that i was not interested in before.

i guess become a Computer programmer or Computer Scientist  is not
only about writing code but also it is about some specific stuff like
type of language.

Anyway i wonder Drscheme`s type. And i agree Caner. We have some lack.
This is not about  this mailling list but i have to say that Doing two
or more project and preparing the content of course was to fill my
entire time. And now i dont hava scheme`s course and course i took now
is hard but i try to integrate myself to my interested point  like
improving myself in drscheme and other stuff on programming.

I hope i can tell my intension because my english sometimes is not good.

On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 5:59 PM, Caner Derici <canerderici at gmail.com> wrote:
> As far as I know, he follows HTDP, SICP and PLAI, as we do in our
> curriculum,
> but I don't really know if he follows another book which can cause a
> confusion.
> Caner
> Neil Van Dyke wrote:
>> Is this student following a PLT textbook, or merely inquiring about
>> DrScheme?  I suspect that many popular textbooks would lead a student to ask
>> questions like this one did.  I would not blame the student, but I would
>> point them to a better textbook.
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