[plt-scheme] Can anyone give me some help on running Untyped "Smoke" testapp?

From: Nevo (sakur.deagod at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Dec 7 10:16:38 EST 2009

I was originally sending this mail to Matt in Untyped team,and he
suggested me to ask here instead . So I'm writing here to ask for some
help on running "Smoke" testapp from Untyped's open source svn repo to
get known about the "Smoke" library.
I'm new to plt scheme (though not new to scheme language) , and now
trying to build a simple blog website for myself by using plt web server
because it might be enjoyful to do scheme in web application. Then I
found out Untyped team provided many cool and useful tools. Now I'd like
to run "Smoke" testapp which is based on schematics-unit .However, when
I simply do "mzscheme -f run-tests.ss under "smoke/trunk/src" , it just
gave me compiling error all the time , something like
"web-server/run-smoke.ss:76:45: compile: unbound identifier in module
in: test/text-ui/pause-on-fail". My Plt Scheme version is " MzScheme
v4.2.3.3" (built from plt scheme's trunk). So can anyone give me some
help on running smoke testapp?
I should mention here that I've also tried to run the smoke branch code
,with some modifications in order to get it run , but not work. One of
problems I got was the "core" module collections were missing from
planet snooze (I just found that it was there in snooze branch "guid").
Thanks for your help here

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