[plt-scheme] Equivalent of abstract classes?

From: Todd O'Bryan (toddobryan at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Dec 5 18:35:40 EST 2009

I actually asked myself that question. The method you outline is what
Python uses, but Python doesn't have interfaces. But then, I'm just
asking myself what use interfaces really are since Scheme isn't typed.

I think I'll just keep trying to do this without worrying about it,
and see what happens.


On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 6:26 PM, Matthias Felleisen <matthias at ccs.neu.edu> wrote:
> (define-syntax-rule
>  (define/abstract foo)
>  ;; -->
>  (define/public (foo . x) (error 'foo "is an abstract method in an abstract class"))
> The real question is why one would want one.
> On Dec 5, 2009, at 6:24 PM, Todd O'Bryan wrote:
>> Is there the equivalent of Java's abstract classes  (i.e., interfaces
>> with some default implementations) in PLT's class system?
>> Todd
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