[plt-scheme] minor suggestion/questions for tutorial on plt-webserver

From: Scott Hickey (sshickey at qwest.net)
Date: Wed Aug 26 10:47:15 EDT 2009

In the tutorial "Continue: Web Applications in PLT Scheme" in section 6
"Advanced Flow Control", the sample code uses the symbol "make-url",
which is incorrectly hyperlinked to the docs for the struct url in the
module net/url . My suggestion is to rename this to something other
than make-url so that it is less confusing to a newbie.

Of course, this leads me to next two questions: 

1) Since make-??? is automatically defined for structs, is considered a good Scheme practice not to use the make prefix for anything other than structs?

2) If a person wanted to leave the name make-url, how would you tell scribble not to create the hyperlink to the net/url document page?

Scott Hickey
Senior Consultant
Object Partners, Inc.
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