[plt-scheme] editor lockup in embedded editor-snip%

From: Robby Findler (robby at eecs.northwestern.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 20 21:01:45 EDT 2009

That code by itself isn't enough for me to see what's wrong and you
could certainly be running across a bug elsewhere in the system. The
most useful thing would be a (small!) program that illustrated the
problem, but if you can't seem to narrow down, send along what you've
got and I'll have a look.


On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 1:37 PM, Jordan Johnson<jmj at fellowhuman.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> The annotated-code snip I've been working on is now working (thanks in large
> part to help from Matthew & Robby), with the exception of one bug that has
> me baffled.  I suspect it involves the locking that happens in
> embedded-gui/aligned-pasteboard.
> The bug:  If I have a snip in the Definitions editor and click "Run" while
> the snip's code-view (defined below) is hidden, it becomes impossible to
> edit the text in the code-editor (also defined below).  By this I mean that
> when I click or tab into the code editor, the cursor does not appear, and
> typing has no effect.  Further, this only happens when the editor is not
> visible.
> Here is the relevant code:
> ;;;;;;;;;
> ;; anno-snip% is my snip's class.
> ;; code-editor is an instance of a subclass of
> ;;  ((drscheme:unit:get-program-editor-mixin) (tabbable-text-mixin
> scheme:text%))
> ;; that caches the result of (scheme:text-balanced? this) for display
> purposes.
> ;; anno-editor is an instance of (tabbable-text-mixin scheme:text%).
> ;; The following is from the definition of a subclass of
> ;; aligned-pasteboard% that is the editor for an anno-snip%:
>      (set-tabbing code-editor anno-editor)
>      ;;;;;;; Container snips for the two editors:
>      (define val (new vertical-alignment% [parent this]))
>      ;; Container for the code editor.  I'm using this for the ability to
>      ;; show/hide the editor:
>      (define code-view (new vertical-alignment%
>                             [parent val]
>                             [show? #f]))
>      ;; Installs stretchable editor snips, if none are already installed,
>      ;; to contain the code and anno editors.
>      ;; (Does nothing if they already are installed, and returns #f.)
>      ;; Returns #t if successful.
>      (define (init-snips)
>        (if (not (or (find-owner-snip code-editor)
>                     (find-owner-snip anno-editor)))
>            (let ([code-snip (new stretchable-editor-snip%
>                                  [editor code-editor]
>                                  [with-border? #t]
>                                  [min-width MIN-TEXT-WIDTH])]
>                  [anno-snip (new stretchable-editor-snip%
>                                  [editor anno-editor]
>                                  [with-border? #f]
>                                  [min-width MIN-TEXT-WIDTH])])
>              (make-object snip-wrapper% code-view code-snip)
>              (make-object hline% code-view)
>              (make-object snip-wrapper% val anno-snip)
>              #t)
>            #f))
>      (init-snips)
>      ;;;;;;;;; Interface for showing/hiding code ;;;;;;;;;
>      (define showing-code #f)
>      (define/public (showing-code?)
>        showing-code)
>      (define/public (show-code on/off)
>        (send code-view show on/off)
>        (set! showing-code on/off))
> ;;;;;;;;; end of program excerpt.
> I have verified that the code-editor is *not* locked for writing, reflowing,
> or reading.  Having looked at snip-wrapper.ss and aligned-pasteboard.ss in
> embedded-gui/private/, I am guessing something in the code-editor's or
> code-snip's state isn't getting properly restored when it is reinserted by
> show/hide (in snip-wrapper.ss), but I don't know what that piece of state
> would be.  Any pointers?
> Oh, and here's an extra question that may be related:  How can I give the
> caret to the code editor upon calling (show-code true)?  Calling
> set-caret-owner on the code-snip's snip-admin doesn't seem to work.
> Thanks again for your help.
> Best,
> jmj
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