[plt-scheme] Re: Embarrasingly basic GUI question

From: Gregg Williams (spamme at innerpaths.net)
Date: Thu Aug 13 00:22:52 EDT 2009

On Aug 12, 5:20 am, Matthew Flatt <mfl... at cs.utah.edu> wrote:
> The games in plt/collects/games may be a better place to start. The
> "minesweeper" game was originally intended as an example GUI program.

I looked at the example games. However, what I want to do is display
(but not edit) text in multiple windows. After reading the "PLT
Graphics Toolkit" document, though, I'm unsure whether I need to learn
all of the Editor subsystem just to *display* static text in a
scrolling window. Any pointers on how to do that? Thanks.

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