[plt-scheme] Installing Planet packages: documentation not merged with PLT docs?

From: Elena Garrulo (egarrulo at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Aug 8 19:26:54 EDT 2009

2009/8/8 Neil Van Dyke <neil at neilvandyke.org>:
> By the way, it seems that, after your first PLaneT package is installed,
> DrScheme starts sending you to the documentation in your "~/.planet"
> directory, rather than to the one in the DrScheme install tree.
> For example, initially DrScheme's "Help Desk" menu item sends me to:
>   file:///usr/local/plt-4.2.1/share/plt/doc/index.html
> But later to:
>   file:///home/neil/.plt-scheme/4.2.1/doc/index.html
> If I bookmarked the first one in my Web browser, and thereafter use my
> bookmark rather than DrScheme to get to the PLT documentation, I'll never
> see the documentation for installed PLaneT packages.

Indeed, that's what happened" I was accessing the main installation's
documentation tree. Accessing the documentation from the Help Desk
sends me to "~/.planet", and I can see the installed packages.


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