[plt-scheme] rotate bmp onclick

From: Steve De Ridder (deriddersteve at hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Nov 14 05:04:37 EST 2008

dear newslist-members,  i'm pretty new in the scheme / mred language. for the moment, i'm writing a "magic the gathering" application in scheme. therefore, i have to be able to tap / rotate my own defined card (a simple bitmap) when i click it. i read about this on http://osdir.com/ml/lisp.scheme.plt/2003-05/msg00117.html but didn't find the solution (or is this due to my poor english -english is only my third language)can anyone please point this out for me?  thank you in advance!  sincerely,  steve de ridderassistent mathematics and statisticsroyal military academybrusselsbelgium
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