[plt-scheme] TDD/BDD for plt scheme?

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Nov 10 10:31:07 EST 2008

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On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 3:26 PM, Eduardo Bellani <ebellani at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey guys.
> Being from the ruby gang I'm pretty used to TDD (BDD is a nicer term,
> but it serves just to get the emphasis out of
> testing and into design, where it should be anyway), and the community
> has some standards on
> how/what to use (kind of murky, but *usually* for rails people use
> rspec, which is a pretty helpful).
> I'm wondering if the PLT community has something like that, if not,
> what do *you* use for it?
> - --
> Eduardo Bellani

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