[plt-scheme] SLaTeX: getting it to work

From: Bas Steunebrink (bass at cs.uu.nl)
Date: Sun Nov 9 15:24:23 EST 2008

OK this is really weird...

I tried your test and SLaTeX was pretending everything was OK even 
though there was no test.tex, while, of course, failing to generate any 
.Z files. However, in some desperate attempt I moved quick.tex to the 
PLT/ directory and retried; this time I almost rolled off my chair after 
finding it had generated .Z files! I played around a bit more and found 
that the location of the .tex file is actually the key: if it's exactly 
in the PLT/ directory it works fine, but anywhere else and SLaTeX exits 
pretending to be done without having generated any .Z files.

For example:

C:\Program Files\PLT>slatex --no-latex C:/Users/Bas/Documents/quick.tex
SLaTeX v. 20050609
typesetting code[quick.tex]done

This results in no .Z files being generated. I've tried putting the .tex 
file different folders and different ways of typing the path towards 
quick.tex (e.g., forward slashes, backward slashes, double backward 
slashes, surrounding by double quotes) but this made no difference. 
However, a typo in the path does result in an error, so SLaTeX really 
does find the file, it just doesn't do anything with it.

The only way to get it to work is if the .tex file is in the PLT/ directory:

C:\Program Files\PLT>slatex --no-latex quick.tex
SLaTeX v. 20050609
typesetting code[slatex.sty]....done


I wonder if anyone else has recently tried running SLaTeX on a Windows 
machine? Even though I have finally found a way to get it to work, I 
suppose it should work wherever you put the .tex file...

Again, I really appreciate the time and thought you've put into helping 
me! :-)

Shriram Krishnamurthi schreef:
> Okay, here's one way of getting a SLaTeX-time error.  Use \schemeinput
> and name a non-existent source file.  For instance, add
> Also, try \schemeinput{test.tex}.
> to your source.  When a file called test.tex exists (say it just
> contains "lambda"), the output is
> GALIBIER ~/Desktop/T> slatex foo
> SLaTeX v. 20050609
> typesetting code[slatex.sty]..done
> but when it doesn't,
> slatex foo
> SLaTeX v. 20050609
> typesetting code[slatex.sty].process-scheme-file: test.tex doesn't exist
> done
> If you get that error, then at least we know that SLaTeX is walking
> your source file and trying to process it.  Then the problem is almost
> certainly with writing output.
> Shriram

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