[plt-scheme] inexpressible module imports

From: Dave Herman (dherman at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sun Nov 9 13:09:31 EST 2008

> I recommend that you instead use the context of the original
> `#%module-begin' expression with `datum->syntax', as in the code below,
> instead of trying to recreate that context via
> `syntax-local-introduce'.

Okay, thanks.

> Meanwhile, I think the approach below will work better in general.

I'll give it a try-- thanks!

> also wonder why you're stripping away all the lexical context up front,
> so that you have to recreate it later. Why not build the compiler
> around syntax objects, which not only help you track context but also
> help track source locations?

In my actual code, the reader is actually a JavaScript parser that 
generates prefab AST structs, and the compiler operates on those 
structs. At some point I could potentially change the structure of the 
compiler to actually use macros, but for now there's just too much code 
built around this architecture to change it.

Thanks as always for the fast turnaround,


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