[plt-scheme] Papers on criticism of Scheme?

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Sun Nov 2 17:40:25 EST 2008

Philip Wadler certainly knows what he is talking about.
I do not fully agrree with his argument about the example
explaining the evaluation of (list (list 1 2) nil), though.
Notice that text in this font is implicitly quoted.
I would write:

$(list (list 1 2) nil) =
(x y), where x = $(list 1 2) and y = $nil
$(list 1 2) = (1 2)
$nil = ( )
Hence $(list (list 1 2) nil) = ((1 2) ( ))

where $x is the value of x.
It is a matter of an appropriate distinction between quotation, mention and value.
Other examples:

$'x == $(quote x) = x
$list is a procedure, not a sexpr.
list is a symbol, but where a non quoted part of a program probably an identifier referring to a variable.
$123 is 123.

With check syntax of DrScheme, the distiction between program and data can clearly be displayed.
In Scheme I like the clear distinction between sexprs and their values.
The fact that some sexprs are self evaluating should not confuse the student, I think.

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> Hi,
> This paper:
> http://www.cs.kent.ac.uk/people/staff/dat/miranda/wadler87.pdf
> was referenced recently. It was interesting to see criticisms of
> Scheme from someone who knew Scheme. I think Wadler knew it well.
> Are there more like this out there?
> Best wishes,
> Grant
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