[plt-scheme] struct at compile and run time

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Sat May 24 06:42:08 EDT 2008

A question:

- I have a syntax that creates immutable structs with procedure property.

- All stuff for the preparation of the structs is available at compile time. Therefore the syntax prepares the structs at compile time. By pushing the computations that are required for the preparation of the structs to compile time I intend to avoid unnecessary multiple computations at run time. I also would like to avoid unnecessary computations when requiring a compiled module that uses the syntax (or rather for which the structs were already computed at compile time)

- All works very nicely, but I find no way to provide a predicate that at run time can recognize the structs made at compile time.

Is there a way to do that?

Thanks, Jos
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