[plt-scheme] "name is not defined, ..." error in non-teaching language?

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Thu May 22 06:48:32 EDT 2008

I think "quilting.scm" has been accidentally saved as an HtDP program.
That is, DrScheme's language was set to something like "Beginner
Scheme" when the program was saved to disk, and so the file has a
prefix that makes it parse as a module in the in "Beginner Scheme"

To fix the file, first open it in DrScheme; the language will
automaticlaly change to the one that was active when the file was
saved. Change the language to "Textual", and then save the file.


At Wed, 21 May 2008 17:37:34 -0500, Max Hailperin wrote:
> I received a support query from someone having difficulty with the  
> graphics library I supply for using DrScheme with the Concrete  
> Abstractions textbook.  I'm confused what's going on and hope someone  
> else might be able to figure it out.
> The problem is he is getting an error message "name is not defined,  
> not a parameter, and not a primitive name" regarding a name that  
> should be defined by my library, which he is requiring.  But the  
> really weird part -- the reason I'm confused -- is that the error  
> message looks like the one that would come up in a teaching language.   
> So far as I can tell, in a non-teaching language, the message ought to  
> be "reference to undefined identifier", even if the library somehow  
> were not supplying the name.  Yet the user in question sent me a  
> screen snapshot, in which the language is clearly set to "Textual  
> (MzScheme, includes R5RS)".  Moreover, I can see he is running a  
> current version of DrScheme and that the error message is as described  
> above.  So.... can someone help me out?  Under what circumstances  
> would one get an error message "name is not defined, not a parameter,  
> and not a primitive name" rather than "reference to undefined  
> identifier"?
> For reference, I have put the screen snapshot on my web page at 
> http://gustavus.edu/+max/drscheme-error.jpg
> Thanks. -max
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