AW: [plt-scheme] word completion for module based languages

From: Robert Matovinovic (robert.matovinovic at
Date: Wed May 21 12:56:10 EDT 2008

I see, I didn't make indicies in my manual what should fix my problem.
Thank you.

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Ah. Well, from what I can tell, the autocompletion code should be completing
every word that appears in any of the manual's indicies.

Matthew: does that look right to you? (line 2811 of framework/

I see that there is a bug with completions that they aren't picking up the
characters before the insertion point to being the completion. I'll look
into that.


On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 4:52 AM, Robert Matovinovic
<robert.matovinovic at> wrote:
> Just to clarify, I don't ask for word completion of definitions in the 
> editing buffer, but for a language or a language extension which is 
> loaded by the language menu of DrScheme. My language supports an 
> interface for another software which uses a scheme dialect and has a 
> lot of extensions for programming that software. These numerous 
> extensions have quiet long names, which are difficult to remember 
> exactly. So I want to provide the word completion for them. Robert
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> An: Eli Barzilay
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> Betreff: Re: [plt-scheme] word completion for module based languages
> On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 7:53 PM, Eli Barzilay <eli at> 
> wrote:
>> On May 20, Robert Matovinovic wrote:
>>> I currently use DrScheme, version on Windows 
>>> XP to add documentation for a module based language which I 
>>> implemented as a tool.  I started with a simple example using my own 
>>> modules. The F1 shortcut to get the relevant docs for an item from 
>>> within the DrScheme window works fine.  But is there a possibility 
>>> to get only the help documents for the current language?
>> It might be possible to do, I'm not sure about the kind of 
>> information that DrScheme has when it starts a help search.  (FWIW, 
>> the `help' form (in mzscheme) finds the right place for any binding.)
>> (Skipping other issues that I cannot provide a helpful reply...)
> DrScheme used to be able to do that and I believe it will be able to 
> do that again in the future. I believe Eli and I have discussed this, 
> so I'm a little surprised by his reply, but one way or the other, we 
> should have that capability back before v4.0.
> As far as word completion goes, it currently does not consider the 
> buffer where you're editing. Others have asked for that too, so I hope 
> to get to it at some point.
> Robby
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