[plt-scheme] load non-exported symbols from a file

From: Filipe Cabecinhas (filcab at gmail.com)
Date: Wed May 14 07:47:48 EDT 2008


Is it possible to load every defined symbol from an R6RS program so I  
can use use them to do some tests?

I have to deliver an R6RS program (one file) but I would like to test  
my functions without putting all the tests in the deliverable.
I can use mzscheme to make the tests (I'm using it already) but I  
can't load or require it and have the symbols defined.

Right now I'm making the program a library and exporting the symbols  
but I must deliver an R6RS program and not a library. Is there a way  
to do this?

Thanks for the help,

   - Filipe Cabecinhas

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