[plt-scheme] Re: HTTP library for PLT Scheme?

From: Andrei Stebakov (lispercat at gmail.com)
Date: Mon May 12 15:48:59 EDT 2008

Any samples code that goes with it? The function is described as

 URL post [header]) →

  URL : url?<http://docs.plt-scheme.org/net/url.html#%28def%7E20%28%28collects%7E20net%7E20url-structs..ss%29%7E20url%7E3f%29%29>

  post : bytes?

  header : (listof<http://docs.plt-scheme.org/reference/Data-structure_Contracts.html#%28def%7E20%28%28collects%7E20scheme%7E20private%7E20contract..ss%29%7E20listof%29%29>
) = null<http://docs.plt-scheme.org/reference/pairs.html#%28def%7E20%28%7E23%7E25kernel%7E20null%29%29>

How do I construct a request to url with a file to upload, for example?
I am sure there must be samples somewhere but searching the internet I
couldn't find any.


On Sun, May 11, 2008 at 10:19 AM, Andrei Stebakov <lispercat at gmail.com>

> I just started with the PLT Scheme and I am wondering if there is a
> library which impements the functionality of an HTTP client (http GET, POST
> requests, cookies etc)?
> Thank you,
> Andrei
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